Saturday, January 1, 2011

01.01.2011: The Letter to Me

Dear Krys,

This is a new year. Don't let the past continue to haunt you. Take time for the things that are important. Take more pictures, make more music, read more books, kill more zombies. If it is important to you, the time isn't wasted. Continue to strive to see the best in people. Don't get hurt when someone doesn't give you the time you think you deserve. Ensure that when it comes down to it, you give your time as willingly as you would want them to. You're not as ugly, fat, mismatched, short, dorky, or outcast as the person you think you see in the mirror. You are just as you were intended and there is a reason that smile line is there, those pimples still come around, and those love handles stick out... you are a woman between adulthood and youth dancing gloriously in your individuality. Don't let a boy define who you are. Let him complete you. If he doesn't, let him go peacefully. You deserve to be chased, adored, and appreciated. Stop waiting for happiness to find you. Make it. Share your love, experiences, and stories as openly as you share books and music. Practice random acts of free kindness. Where someone may enjoy the gifts, they will probably appreciate a thoughtful text, an extra hug, or ten extra minutes even more. The dog waits all day for you. Throw a ball, take a walk, or give some extra scratches. Remember he has been through Hell, just like you.

Most of all, never stop walking in the daisies. You are never.... ever.... ever alone.



  1. Aww great advice. I should take it too. Happy New Year Krys, looking forward to working with you on 10thDom this year. Hope it brings only good things.

  2. Wow, Krys. I really like this. It sure hits home.

  3. I love it, you should print it and frame it :)
    ~ Holly

  4. I needed to hear this. Nice reminder and call to focus.