Sunday, January 9, 2011

10thDotM: Webster Pg 983

The octopus met the turtle on the edge of an island where the cliff hangs over the surf . It allows the unlikely duo to converse closely. They meet there quite frequently.

The octopus extended a tentacle up to the turtle, something bright and brassy gleaming against his dull, slimy skin. The turtle moves forward to the outcropping of rock. His head tilts, small eyes working tirelessly to mentally remove the obstacle from the treasure.

The octopus pulls away slightly peering to the cave on the other side of the sound. The turtle follows his gaze and nods imperceptibly.

The turtle turns around and begins to work his way down the rocks to the grass. He picks up a small mirror shard from the ground. He tilts his his head, sunlight blasting from the shard.

A similar blast of light shines on the right side of the cave. Small, dull tentacles are seen coming over the foamy crest of the surf.

The large octopus shoves the sextant on top of the cliff and cruises easily to where the small tentacles had disappeared.

Frantic splashing slightly obscures the 8 arm embrace from the turtle's view. He turns and drags the sextant to his hole, pushing it deep into the recesses until it comes to rest against a small mound of other treasures. He climbs slowly onto an old waterlogged dictionary and closes his eyes, his mouth chewing slowly on page 983 until he hears the frantic squeaking of a rabbits above him.

He pulls himself out of his bed and makes his way up the hole.


  1. Well at least you had a go. Must admit, I don't really understand it then, I've never been good at cryptic tales. After this muse I daren't tell you what I'd like to do with Page bloody 983!

  2. You know... this reads amazingly beautifully.

    But I have no fucking clue what you're on about.

  3. When a muse is announced, I ponder it for days, searching for something, anything, so say. Often, I dream about it. This sounds like something I might have dreamed about this one.

    But I'm with Baino and Jeff. I don't understand this anymore than I understand my dreams.

  4. Okay, after these other two comments, I can see I'm not the only one 'down the rabbit hole' with this one. I'm lost. I like it - but I just don't have a clue.

  5. Ok thanks guys I think I get it then I'm what is up with rabbits???
    I think the turtle ate it tho